Silver and Gold Uses



There is a large volume of information available to the seeker on the internet. Honest unbiased research can be found. It is my sincerest intention to bring to you that information or show you where to find it. 


This partial list compiles every ailment we have found in text and internet searching on the uses of Colloidal SIlver and/or Gold. It will require a complete change in scientific funding to study them all. Until that funding becomes available though we can only guess at the validity of all the claims. Useful scientific evidence has been produced just not enough. I have added as many useful references as possible at the end of this article and will continue to update more over time.



A - Abscess, Acne, AIDS, Aids mother - fetus and birth, Allergies, ADD, Appendicitis, Artherosclerosis, Arthritis, Arm Pit Odour, Athlete's Foot, Athsma,


B - Bells Palsy, Bladder Infection, Blood Parasites, Boils, Bronchitis, Bruises, Burns


C - Cancer, Candida albicans-globata, Systemic Candidiasis, Canker Sores, Carbuncles, Catarrh, Celluloids, Chicken Pox, Chilblains, Cholera, Chronic Fatigue, Colds, Cold Sores, Colitis, Conjuctivitis(pink eye), Cough, Cradle Cap, Crohn's, Cuts, Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Cystitis


D - Dementia, Depression, Dermatitis, Infectious Diabetes, Diaper Rash, Diarrhea, Dysentry 

E - Ear Infection, Eczema, Encephalitis, Enteritis, Epididymitis, Epstein Barr Virus, Eustachian Tube Infections


F - Fibromyalgia, Fibrositis Flu(Infuenza), Folliculitis, Fungal Infections


G - Garerella vaginitis, Gastroenteritis, Genital Herpes, Gingivitis, Gonorrhea


H - Hay Fever, Hepatitis, Herpes Zoster Shingles, Hidradenitis, Hodgkins dise-ase

I - Impetigo, Infection, Influenza(Flu), Insect Bites






L - Legionnares,Leucorrhea, Leprosy, Leukemia, Lupus, Lyme, Lymphoma


M -  Malaria, Measles, Multiple Myeloma, MS, Meniere's Syndrome, Cerebrospinal Meningitis


N - Neisseria Gonorrhea, Neurasthenia, Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma


O - Otiti


P - Parasites, Pelvic Inflammatory Dis-ease, Puerpural Serpcemia, Pneumacoccus, Polio, Prostatitis, Protazoa, Pruritis, Psoriasis, Pyorryhea-alveolaris


Q - Quinsy


R - Rashes, Rhinitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rosacea


S - Samonella typhus-cholera-dysentery and other enteric pathogens, Scurvy, Shingles, Sinus Congestion, Sore Throat, Spider Bite, Staphylococcous pyoginea-aureus-albus, Streptococcus faecalis-pyogenes, Sunburn, Systemic Candidiasis, Syphilis


T - Thrush, Traveler's Diarrhea, Tooth Abscess, Tonsilitis, Tuberculosis


U - Ulcer


V - Vaginitis, Vasculitis, Many Viruses

W - Warts, Whipple's dis-ease, Whooping Cough, Wound Healing

Y - Yeast Infections


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