• About SGA Inc

    We produce research products and the greater awareness of them. Supplying colloidals for all uses whilst tailoring to the needs of our customers. Also cataloguing useful information regarding nano-particles and health issues for those who want to research further.

    There is a tremendous amount of information about colloidals on the net. I have devoted many hours to the task of collecting scientific and testimonial findings. Enjoy!

  • Safe

    All of the products here WERE tested on animals we love, and they continue to thrive..

    Safe and proven for my family and yours!

  • A God wink moment

    When you know you are on the right path, and heaven opens up to you!


  • Butterflies coupled

    When natural occuring gold was measured in the human body, the highest concentrations were found in the DNA package a man creates.

    Followed by the brain and other organs.

  • Gold Rimmed Cup


    Silver or Gold used in cutlery and cups has a purpose.



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