Susan & Nathan F

Both my wife and I have had great experiences with the colloidal silver we have obtained from Mr.Boch. My wife uses it for sinus infections that she has on a regular basis this stuff clears it right up. Myself I use it as a part of my nutritional value daily. My wife tells me my skin has a nice healthy glow to it since I have been supplementing with the colloidal silver.

Thanks SGA colloidal for such a great product.

Susan and Nathan

67 year old Man

25+ year smoker and drinker.

Constantly sick with one type of bug or another in the previous year.

Had already shown important documents to family and lost the will to live.

Started Colloidal Silver over the Christmas Holidays 2011. One coffee cup daily at 5ppm

After a week the lungs began to clear and he began the road to recovery.

One year later and he is working again on a part time basis.



41 year old man

Knee and Back Pain, Stiffness upon rising.

Took 15ppm Colloidal Gold 1oz. 2 x daily.

"After one week my joint pains were 80% diminished."

"After 6 weeks went to 1oz. every two days and still feel good."

Mr. Alberto 70

In October of 2013 I began taking SGA's Colloidal Silver . I had a bad case of shingles zoster and wanted to research whether CS would help my situation. I was amazed that after only two weeks my shingles were greatly reduced, my arthritis was much better and I was able to eat things that previously would make me sick to my stomach. 

(This was the most positive and quick result in our history and I suspect this person had an accumulation of mercury. The CS would have amalgamated with the mercury and helped remove it via the liver. In my opinion this is the only explanation for Mr. A's incredibly fast and dramatic results. Thomas W. Boch)

15 year old boy

Persistent Acne and open sores on the face.

After one week taking 1 fl.oz Colloidal Silver every morning the acne was reduced by 80%.

Also did not ingest as much sugar.

Acne stays away as long as Colloidal Silver is used and sugar is greatly reduced


27 year old man

Flu or food poisoning symptoms, and high fever.

Vomiting and Diarrhea lasting 4 days.

Took 2 fluid ounces Colloidal Silver before bed.

Slept all night and took 2 fluid ounces in the morning.

Returned to normal activities the same day.

36 year old male

N. A. had been taking smaller and smaller amounts of Methodone in an attempt to wean off the drug. After stopping completely he was subject to lethargy, depression, melancholy and a general physical ache all over feeling. Using Colloidal Gold made the withdrawal symptoms lessen and bareable. The effect was noticed the same day and made N feel like he was over the hurdle and could beat the drug. Which he has!. Congratulations!

3 year old girl

Melancholy, Listless, with Medium grade fever.

Took small sips of 10ppm Colloidal Silver, approx. one fluid ounce.

Her mum says she was running around playing with her sister the same evening.