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In Japanese, the term "Bokashi" means fermented organic matter.  EM•1® Microbial Inoculant in rice bran quickens this fermentation and offers all of the nutrients available to beneficial microorganisms, creating the highest quality bokashi. 

Bokashi is mostly used as a plant waste compost accelerator. Tapping into the fermented liquids from composted plant material makes an excellent plant food. It can be spread over whatever area needs a boost in beneficial microorganisms. Pond water and the life in them, thrive,  water changes are reduced. The effects are long lasting also due to the establishment of new nitrifying bacteria colonies. Add to new water in freshwater aquariums and ponds to establish a healthy bacterial cycle. The same is true when mixed into soils and septic systems. EM•1® Bokashi boosts life enhancing microorganisms.



Dr.Higa's original Effective Microorganisms. Probiotics and much more.

These live, beneficial microorganism cultures, suppress the growth of harmful microbes or attack harmful microbes in addition to working alongside other beneficial existing bacteria. Relieving issues from constipation, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections in the bowels.

The ingestion of life enhancing microorganisms should always be considered a positive. We live in symbiosis. When the correct types repopulate the digestive tract healing can occur.

Now available and in stock      16 fl oz./473ml bottle