Colloidal Silver Ascorbate     10 - 15  ppm     available in 30ml dropper, 125ml spray, 1L & 2L glass bottles*

 Contains: Class I Deionized Water, 99.999 Pure Silver, Sodium Ascorbate

- small particle size at 0.010 to 0.001 Micron - safe for internal use- neutral taste if any

- effective anti-bacterial, fungal, and viral - can be used in the eyes, nose, ears and mouth

- linked to the healing of majour ailments

 - only 1 fl Oz. / 100 lbs of body weight required per day - preserves wine 
Colloidal Silver Ascorbate 20+ppm               available in 1L & 2L glass bottles *
Contains: Class I Deionized Water, 99.99 Pure Silver, Sodium Ascorbate
- best for external uses - safe for eyes, nose and ears
- kills toenail fungus - softens and clears yellow calluses on the feet
- softens and rejuvenates dry cracked skin
 - disinfects bad smelling automotive climate control systems, kitty boxes, carpets etc.
Colloidal Silver Ascorbate 50+ ppm               available in 1L & 2 L glass bottles *
Contains: Class I Deionized Water, 99.99 Pure Silver, Sodium Ascorbate
- when space and weight are an issue
- 1L can be mixed with pure water to make five, 1L - 10+ ppm bottles
Colloidal Silver Ascorbate Gel/Serum   50 - 100 ppm   30ml Dropper Bottle *
Contains: Class 1 Deionized Water, 99.99% Pure Silver,  Sodium Ascorbate, Hyaluronic Acid
- relieves swollen gums - speeds external wound healing - sunburn/burn relief - bandage ointment
- reduces and/or destroys bacterial, viral and fungal related age/liver spots - heals dry cracked skin
- disinfects without stinging
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