Frequently Asked Questions

Can Colloidal Silver be harmful when taken internally?

Yes. When in the "purely ionic" form. Unreduced Ionic Silver has a positive electric charge, making it bind to other elements in the body. This unwanted effect creates molecules that are toxic such as Silver Chloride. At low doses this is rarely a problem, however high doses and/or long term use will cause skin colour to darken, has a negative effect on the kidneys and can harm the eliminative organs. 

All the Colloidal Silver products we tested from health food stores were Ionic Silver. 


What makes Colloidal Silver Ascorbate safe and different than Ionic Silver?

During the manufacturing process, silver ions are reduced into silver ascorbate molecules with sodium ascorbate. This keeps them from binding with other atoms/molecules in the body. For this reason Silver Ascorbate passes through the stomach and is taken up by the small intestine unchanged. By comparison, ionic silver can change into a number of different molecules before entering the intestine and readily binds with sulfur and selenium. 


How much Colloidal Silver Ascorbate should I take?

At 10ppm concentration 1 fluid ounce per 100Lbs. of body weight per day will bring up an adults’ blood silver to a defensive level. Adjust up or down with body weight and condition.


What if I’m sick already?

To assist the immune system when fighting a cough, cold flu etc. it has been found beneficial to fill a tea mug and sip a little at a time, holding it in the mouth for one minute and letting it trickle down the throat. However for long term issues it is best to start with a half dose to avoid a Herxheimer reaction. This results from the Silver Ascorbate destroying pathogens quicker than the eliminative organs can remove them from the body. If this happens you will temporarily feel worse due to the overload of material to be eliminated.


Can I take Silver Ascorbate all the time?

It is best to take Silver Ascorbate for five days on and two days off. Silver Ascorbate is so effective at destroying pathogens the immune system rests due to the lack of something to fight off. If taken over a long period of time you will probably come down with a terrible cold once you stop taking it. It is therefore better to keep the immune system working by not taking Silver Ascorbate every day for long periods.


Will my problem be gone for good?

Yes! Provided the underlying causes have been removed also. All positive nutritional and spiritual changes work synergistically with Colloidal Silver and Gold. However should the bacteria, virus or fungus be lurking in regions the Colloidal Silver has not yet reached, then the problem will re-occur. Also it cannot be over emphasized that a persons well being is directly related to ones mental state.


Can I make Colloidal Silver/Gold?

Yes! We believe this information should be given to everyone, yet realize that not everyone will want to make it for themselves. See our "How To" pages here. The methods on the internet will make a colloidal silver. However what type and how safe can vary greatly. The way it is produced is 100% of how well it works.


How Long has Colloidal Silver/Gold been known about?

This is not a new discovery. The evidence suggests it is as ancient as Egypt and probably older. The "Bagdad Battery" could easily have been used for Electrolysis and was discovered in the ruins of the oldest known civilization. Sumer.