A Brief History of Colloidal Gold

Gold, long used for medicinal purposes,   

has an even greater potentially beneficial effect.  In its colloidal form, for example, it has been used to treat arthritis, skin ulcers, burns, dipsomania, and various types of punctures.  It allegedly improves blood circulation, digestion, weakens the desire for alcohol (leading to a lessening of cravings), and can promote renewed vitality and longevity.  There is also the possibility it can be beneficial for rejuvenating glands, nerves, sluggish organs (including the brain and heart), and can even be used to treat unstable mental and emotional states, ranging from depression, melancholy, fear, anguish, frustration, sorrow, all the way to suicidal tendencies.   




Such health restorative properties of colloidal gold were believed as a matter of course during the Middle Ages.  The anecdotal history of that time suggested Alexandria, Egypt as the original founding place for the use of gold in medicine, where it was developed by a group of adepts known as Alchemists.  The Elixir of Life made from liquid gold by the alchemists purportedly had the ability to restore youth and perfect health.  Paracelsus, perhaps the most famous alchemist, founded a school of medicines and used gold to cure the sick.  Later, Alchemy spread to Arabia, the Middle East, India, China, and eventually Europe.  Even today in China, remnants of the belief in the restorative properties of gold remain intact in rural villages, where peasants cook their rice with a gold coin in order to help get gold back into their bodies.    


 There is the distinct possibility that colloidal minerals, and more significantly, mono-atomic elements of key minerals such as Rhodium, Iridium, Silver and Gold, may have extremely beneficial effects for the health, longevity, and general welfare of humans.  The primary obstacle would appear to be the lack of adequate and acceptable laboratory research necessary to justify the use of these minerals on a large scale, and at the same time, to react to the counter-productive reactions of the established medical industry and the governmental bureaucracies and/or co-conspirators.           


In the interim, one might take note of one of Dr. Young's admonitions:  "Sugar in all forms will interfere significantly with mineral absorption and may need to be eliminated."  One can only wonder at the inherent possibilities of a much improved diet, which provides critical minerals in the proper form, and which at the same time, allows for the absorption of the minerals.  What would happen, for example, if an individual were to go on a fast, drinking only water, and then begin taking dosages of monoatomic Gold, Silver, Rhodium, and/or Iridium?  The possibilities are... intriguing.  


See http://www.halexandria.org/dward045.htm for full article