20 year old Outdoor Domestic Cat. Fed kibble and soft food of all types

Problems: Slow moving, deaf, thin, matted coat. Slight dementia. Has no fear, at all.

After putting Colloidal Silver in his water his fur became much less matted. He has been seen to jog when hungry. An altercation with another male in which he was bitten, created a large gaping wound on his right rear hip. This was about the size of a dime. Within three days the wound had healed over and within a week it was obviously only going to get better. 2012 marks his 21st year. He continues to let us know when he's hungry with a very loud "Maaaw!"

Updated May 16 2013. Sadly Rambo has passed. We found him trying to get up and breathing heavily at the foot of a steep set of stairs. He may have fallen trying to go up. He was in such a bad way we knew it was his time. RIP Rambo. We celebrate his life well lived.